Monday, 21 January 2013

A harvest of peace

I was reading in the Word this morning, how God disciplines us and that at the time, it seems painful, but later produces a harvest of righteousness and peace.
I reflected for a moment upon the evidence of this in my life, and I smiled.
There have been seasons in my life, where I see Jesus has allowed pain. I surely have and did question "why?", but there is no denying the fruit that was produced there. Knowing His character, and that He is unchanging, produced in me peace, when my world was being shaken up.
And as the years went by, it produced also joy.
An unalterable joy.
I began to see how His discipline and wrought in me, where I had allowed it, a knowing of His truth and purity. Where I had let the pain cause me to align myself to Gods Word, it had produced fruit. And the knowing of it, made me wish I could go back to the painful season and shout from the sidelines "hold back nothing Fleur, give it all youve got". His faithfulness had drawn me to myself, and saved me from myself. And I see evidence of His favour, blessing. A 'heaven on earth' that is mine.